Membership Website Topics

Membership Website Topics – How To Find A Profitable One

Wondering how to find and pick a profitable topic or niche to build your membership website around?

Membership websites have evolved greatly over the last few years, as technology and people’s online experiences have developed. Still, the same questions about what to create have been confusing would-be membership site entrepreneurs for more than a decade.

Almost everyone is good at SOMETHING…

People often fail to realize how much “real-world” experience they actually have about all kind of topics. Car and truck customizing, knitting, sports, home repair, cooking and family recipes, home remedies and natural health… all of these are FANTASTIC topics for a membership based website.

Let’s say you have a real knack for fixing computers…

Your membership web site might feature your unique tips and troubleshooting advice about upgrading your operating system or upgrading hardware. It might include resources and reviews of the best products for computer repair and maintenance. You’d be able to sell goods and services related to computers. The membership site might also include community features, like a forum where those interested in computer repair can gather and chat about registry errors, and installation guides, or report bugs and problems with commonly used software.

When you start thinking about possible membership website topics, it’s a good idea to take a look around and do some research by looking at other websites in the same market.

You can come up with a clever spins-off from exisiting websites that “fill holes” in what’s currently being offered online. Perhaps there’s lots of products being sold but little training for using those products. Maybe you find a variety of how-to information but very little in the way of packaged solutions someone can use right away.

Continuing with our example using Computer Repair, you could subscribe to a few computer magazines, join some newsletters from other sites, and register on a few different discussion boards and forums. You could join social networks and monitor what’s being talked about by the market at large.

Once you’ve settled on your topic or niche and you feel good about demand, you’re going to need to settle on exactly what you’re going to offer your members and how you’re going to deliver that content to them.

You can offer reports and written guides, screencast video training and demonstrations, podcasts and audio interviews… the only limitation is your imagination. You can easily outsource the work that you’re not good at or don’t want to have to do yourself.

A valuable membership website can also provide its members with all kinds of incentives and opportunities to earn rewards or money for referring new members. They can promote your membership website using your own pre-written reprint articles, blog posts, coupon code discounts for products and services you offer, special reports and ebooks, private forums for VIP members and affiliates only — whatever else you can dream up to give them as an incentive to spread the word will only help your membership website grow and become more popular.

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