How would you like to AUTO-SHIP physical CDs and DVDs to your customers...

without burning a single disc, licking a stamp... or doing ANY extra work whatsoever...

...all from within your Rapid Action Profits (RAP) system?

Here's how you can easily add automated (or manual) DVD/CD fulfillment to your selling process - enabling you to sell/send physical digital products to your customers:


RAP-Extras - Kunaki Addon

Those ridiculously creative addon developers for RAP Addons - Bill (of RAP-Extras) and Erin (of NetKickStart) have teamed up to build this insanely easy-to-use Kunaki Addon which seamlessly integrates RAP and Kunaki's order shipment process.

It handles everything... and I'm absolutely LOVIN' the features they ingeniously built into this thing, like:

  • Auto-shipment upon ordering
  • One-token on the download page handles data collecting, s&h selection for customer, and ordering!
  • Admin s&h options that will make you smile - read about this on the product page!
  • One-click create a new re-shipment order from a previous order
  • Allowance for adding notes about shipment
  • Allowance for manual fulfillment - that's right.. you don't even need to use Kunaki at all!
  • And much, much more...

You can read more about it on their very simple, feature-listing product page here:


Physical CD/DVD product delivery is absolutely huge for so many reasons, but to name a few it:

  • Increases value of product
  • Gives you more opportunities for grabbing customers
  • Allows for you to add profits to your bottom line
  • Enables you to use this for Micro-Continuity programs get the idea, right?

And you have to know in advance that this add-on is like every other addon produced by RAP-Extras -

Seamlessly simple to install, integrate and use as this addon is like a full-scale web-application built upon a slick easy to use addon interface that, in my personal opinion, is absolutely slick and extremely simple to use!

Get your copy today:



“Luck is what happens when preparation and opportunity meet!”

Brian McLeod

P.S. - As if you can't tell, I'm really jazzed about this! :)  Check it out and you'll understand why...


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