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“How To Start Fully-Automated
Niche Membership Sites

Even if you have NO Experience...

...and NO Contacts...

You don't even need any of your own CONTENT!

Overnight Membership Site

You've Been Looking Into How To Create
And Run Your Own Paid Membership Site...

You probably like the idea of steady, reliable, recurring income streams that deposit fast cash directly into your PayPal account, over and over!

You'd love to start compounding your profits -- every month your profits grow as new members join and existing members pay you, again!

You want your own responsive community of proven buyers who snap up other products & high-commission affiliate offers!

You need to increase the lifetime value of your customers so you can become the dominant player in your niche and control the market!


Here's Just A Taste Of What You'll Discover
Inside My New Video Training Program...

The real truth about what you can make with small niche membership sites you create in one day.

Why the ongoing financial crisis means now is the perfect time to start a membership site

The brain-dead simple way to quickly expand your "one day" membership site without adding mind-numbing complexity.

The 5 simple steps to a profitable membership site AND the order to do them in -- most people are doing at least 1 of the steps in the complete wrong order and it severely hurts their chances of making any money.

How to FAIL FAST so you can WIN BIG. (One reason most people don't succeed is simply they don't fail fast enough.)

My fool-proof method to crank out websites, content, and marketing super-fast without ever second guessing yourself.

How to quickly expand a profitable membership site (there are 2 primary ways) to leverage your initial success for maximum money in minimum time...


Is A Membership Site Right For YOU?

Before you read the rest of this page, please take a moment
and determine which of these choices apply to you:

I'm looking to start my first online business and want a stable recurring income.
I already have an online business and want to add a continuity income stream.
I currently run my own membership sites and want to learn how to simplify the process and launch new sites overnight.

If any of the scenarios above apply to you, then you're going to want to read this entire page very carefully...

...because you are in a perfect position to take full advantage of what I'm about to share with you!

Getting Started With Membership Sites Is EASY

Paid membership sites and continuity-based online business models are the hottest trend in Internet Marketing for one very good reason...

...because customers love them.

Paid membershipsAnd the best part is... membership sites not only make you more money from each customer, but it's easier to make that money with a membership site...

It's much more work having to bust your tail trying to sell one individual product to one individual customer, once...

Doing things that way means you have to turn around and repeat that same process every single time, for every single sale that you make.

No way, Jose -- there's a better, faster and smarter way.

Here's what I mean...

People derive a far greater sense of value when they do something in a group setting, alongside others that they see as similar to themselves.

Better still, these same people will also buy more and buy more frequently because of this same "group think" effect. It's powerful stuff...

Not only is it easier to sell membership sites... It's easier to sell within your membership customer base... Plus, your customer places greater value on what you're selling.

Now, that's what I call a marketing TRIFECTA.

You may not like hearing this... but if you're not enjoying guaranteed recurring income each month from your current websites or marketing process -- you are almost certainly leaving a potential fortune on the table!

It's no mistake or mystery why every well-known Internet marketing guru worth their salt has their own "platinum, elite, underground" mastermind group and/or a paid monthly newsletter going.

And some of these memberships cost hundreds, even THOUSANDS of dollars per month to join...


Just Take A Look At What's Possible...

StomperNet charges $800+ per month

Mass Control Monthly is $297 per month

Tons of customers happily pay monthly fees
ranging $197 to $97 per month for a subscription to membership sites and continuity offers they want...

Put The “Publisher Model” To Work For You Too!

Even if you're not looking to "go big" putting a membership site together quickly can easily create a recurring income stream and a community of like-minded buyers that's extraordinarily valuable to you.

Maybe you'd be perfectly happy with only 50 to 100 members, each paying you $9.95, $19.95, or $29.95 a month -- you're still talking about pulling down some serious cash -- from very, very little effort... That's leverage.

Let's do the math...

Just one simple Overnight Membership Site with a tiny membership list of 50... each paying you a very affordable $19.95/month... out to just under $1,000 of auto-pilot profit in your pocket, each and every month, over and over again.

Money With MembershipsAnd that's just the membership revenue -- if you sell any affiliate products or your own back-end products you are going to make a LOT more sales of those as well. And that's when things really start to take off!

Now, enjoying your new found automatic money machine, you decide that you're going to spend a few months growing that site to 100 or 150 members...

With no additional effort except the typical work you'd do to promote any site of yours, your income would easily double or triple...

That same site could now be generating a minimum of $2,000 - $3,000 for you -- "automagically" -- each month!

Of course, you could make more... or you could make less... but for our purposes here, I've purposely chosen to use conservative examples that are highly realistic for someone completely new to memberships sites.

On the other hand...

What if you really knocked it out of the park and wound up with hundreds of monthly subscribers?

What if you charged more on the front end... say $47 or $97?

Are you starting to get a clear picture of the massive potential here?

Our examples above are based on having only ONE membership site depositing reliable monthly profits into your PayPal... You can build as many as you want!


There's No Limit To The Number
Of Sites That You Can Make...

These small profitable sites add up quickly... In fact, they're kind of addictive.

You can rapidly generate more than enough money to live a comfortable lifestyle, working from home, doing what you like.

Internet LifestyleIf you're anything like me... Internet Marketing is not just about trying to make as much money as humanly possible...'s also about the lifestyle.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE making money, and frankly, I'm pretty darn good at it...

But much more importantly, I love what making money means in terms of how I get to live my life -- on my own terms, comfortable in my own personal surroundings, free from worry!

Money Gives You The Freedom
To Forget About Money...

That's what it's all about... and that's what membership sites can give you.

I completely understand that you might be skeptical, it's only natural.

If I was in your position I would be too.

That's why I'm not asking you to believe me. And I'm not asking you take any leap of faith. All I ask is that you listen to my story, suspend your disbelief for just a moment, then decide if this opportunity is right for you

You may be thinking that trying to develop a continuity offer or membership site is too hard, too time-consuming, or just flat out too much work...

That's exactly what I used to think, too...

And to be perfectly honest, the first few times I tried to get membership sites going -- IT WAS an absolute nightmare... Seriously, it sucked. Big time...

Sure, I bought all the "must have" membership software & scripts... and they took FOREVER to get working (some never worked at all...)

I made all the classic mistakes - put too much time and money into dead-end projects, wasted my efforts on the wrong things...

The whole "membership site thing" just wasn't working for me. I had pretty much given up on the business model and was working more on my copywriting business and my other projects.

Then, something terrible happened and it changed the way I looked at creating membership sites forever...

My computer crashed, HARD... I had to rebuild my entire operating system and reinstall ALL of the programs I use to run my business.

If that's ever happened to you, then you know all too well what a total pain in the neck it is to track everything down and put it all back together.

But, there was a silver lining in that very dark cloud...

Because of my computer catastrophe, I was forced to spend a great deal of time getting intimate with my computer again...

...and it wound up being the turning point in my love-hate relationship with membership sites.

As I went through my old back up files, restoring everything... I stumbled across my old copy of a $5,000 per head marketing seminar.

I had completely forgotten about it but it was awesome so I let it play in the background while I banged away at fixing my miserable Mac.

I was busy restoring my files from one of my back-up discs when I heard the presenter say something... just a single throw-away line, actually...

But those seven simple words he said sparked a whole wave of ideas in my mind!

Here's the 7 simple words that changed the way I looked at building membership sites forever:

"Low risk. Simple to set-up. Easily scalable..."

Now, I wouldn't blame you at all if you were sitting there thinking, "So... what's so special about THAT?" Hey, I understand... The first time I went through that seminar those words didn't mean anything special to me either.

But THIS time... given everything I had been struggling with, what he said hit me like a bolt of lightning!

Some people might call it a moment of clarity... Whatever it was that you'd call it, revealed to me was the perfect membership site business model.

I knew INSTANTLY how to approach researching, constructing, marketing and automating niche membership sites using free and very low cost software, using none of my own content, and without any expertise in whatever niche I wanted to target.

So, here's the good news....

YOU CAN do this without struggling to find a niche.

YOU CAN do this without spending months creating content.

YOU CAN create an entire fully-automated membership site in as little as 24 hours from now.

You are about to learn exactly how easy it is to leverage your time and resources in a way that most folks completely overlook... especially those who find it a struggle to earn money online...

How to work less, make more money,
and enjoy owning membership sites!

Visualize This Picture In Your Mind...


It's 10:08 on Monday morning...

You open your eyes and lazily roll out of bed...

Stretching, you stroll down to your well-appointed home office where you gaze out your window at the clear, bright blue sky...

Warm cup of fresh coffee in hand, with a touch of giddy anticipation you sit down at your desk in your comfortable office chair to check your email...

Notification of Payment Received
... another 14 members have just joined
your membership site, overnight...

Suddenly a thought hits you...

You've just made more money while you slept than you used to make slogging out three full days at work.

For a moment, you almost can't believe how far you've come in so little time. But you have... and it was so much easier than you thought it would be.

In fact... all started with a single membership site
that you built in just one day...

How Even The Laziest Slacker Can Cash In With
These Powerful Little Monthly Money-Makers

In the past, starting a membership site was a real challenge.

It meant a great deal of work creating content for subscribers, as well as being able to handle all the technical headaches of managing a website with advanced membership capabilities.

Sure, everybody coveted the piles of consistent cash membership site owners raked in each month.

But most of us felt a little too intimidated by the difficulty and all the tech hassles. It wasn't worth the aggravation for many of us.

But SO MUCH has changed in the last 6 months alone... Membership sites and contiunity based marketing have become the hottest business model online.

Now, you can build a fully-functional membership site and have paying customers in a matter of a few hours... once you know what you're doing, that is.

Don't You Owe It To Yourself
To Take FIVE Minutes And See
What All The Buzz Is About?

Membership Site Overnight Course

Quickly find and research a Niche for your Membership Site

Construct your membership site without any special skills or scripts

Bolt-on options that make your membership site quicker, easier and more profitable

Get content and experts for your membership site without spending one red cent

Market your membership site properly for maximum results

Automate your entire process so that you can do it again, and again!



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